The fact that this City allowed these dispensaries to violate the City Ordinance is unacceptable. If the security guards were onsite, our officers would more than likely NOT been involved in the shooting, while a crime was being commited.

Lawyers are already lining up, waiting for the DOJ report and now this.

A smart lawyer can sue the City and perhaps previous council members and employees individually, for violating its' own ordinance. The officers under investigation could lawyer up and easily argue that the city, letting these operations violate city ordinance put them unnecessarily in harms way. Martinez does not have a big enough checkbook.

Two more council members left to remove.

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There are secrets about Velvet not complying with 24/7 security...hmmm. Something’s wrong in Denmark! Perhaps x-ray machines should be installed to protect clientele. Just a thought...

Great reporting, as usual!

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