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Craig, thank you for your assessment! A couple of things: You might want to change the first name of Ms. DeLaney to Lara in lieu of Laura. Also, regarding Nakenya, I just want to clear a few things up. She is running a strictly grassroots campaign where her donations have come from plain ole people like me. She does have recurring $250 donations coming in which she is grateful for because signs and fliers can eat up a candidate's expenses real fast. Nakenya also was endorsed by the Young Democrats and received Contra Costa County’s Democratic Party’s vote by 72%. It is important for people to check out her website should they have any questions as to what she brings to the table. She would be the very first black woman holding a seat on the Council bringing much needed change to our community. Her site is below:


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Wow, thanks for your work at pulling all these reports! Very enlightening on the contributions!

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Thats a mouthful! Thanks! While normally we might see a self funded or underfunded candidate as the one to back, this list of candidates has skill sets and experience that can't be overlooked, in spite of funding sources. (And in Martinez, money doesn't necessarily equate to evil, lol...there are long time advocates of a wonderful Martinez that have been funded for decades by some of these philanthropists and we owe them for park dedications and other improvements that they have sponsored.) Shaping up to be an interesting campaign! Worth getting into the details on these candidates!

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